In 2008 BowerPower Auto Tech evolved from Fuel Systems Repairs when the late Justin Sadgrove passed away. Our business is now located in Forestville NSW, and run by Peter & two of his children (Fleur & Rhys), working alongside him.

Peter has lived and breathed cars since he was young. Perfecting his gift of diagnosing the tricky problems and helping customers restore their confidence in the automotive trade by offering top service and running them through the restoration process.

Our work shop is based on bench work only, fuel systems and components come to us by other workshops. Our main work is carried out on systems from early model European cars such as Porsche, Maserati, Mercedes Benz and more.

Many of our clients own rare or exotic cars. Much time and finesse goes into our work, to bring the cars back to top show and original condition after many years of use and wear.

Our services extend to service, repair, modify & re-manufacturing components (as well as our own BPAT customized components), Mechanical Fuel Injection Pumps, K/ KE Jetronic Fuel Systems, Lucas Standard & Racing Metering Units, Carburetors, Lucas Bomb Pump components which can no longer be purchased, (we can custom make).

We feel that no job or component is too difficult for us!!